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Scientist Invent New Paint that can keep homes cooler in summer, warmer in Winter

The study demonstrating that this novel paint might replace both heating and cooling systems, which together account for 13% of the world’s energy consumption and 11% of hazardous gas emissions, was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Additionally, according to scientists, this novel paint can reduce energy use by 21%, saving money on electricity costs.


A warm indoor atmosphere typical of those found in the U.S. was established in order to conduct an experiment to evaluate the paint’s effectiveness. The results showed that using the paint reduced energy consumption by 7.4% over the course of a year.


The Stanford University-developed substitute for paint will come in a variety of hues. An infrared reflector forms one layer, which is thin and transparent and is made up of nanoparticles in various colors.


Since paint may deflect 80% of infrared light, exterior walls and roofs must be painted with it. Scientists emphasize the need for these substitutes since hazardous gases can hasten climate change.



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