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Pakistan president denies approving laws giving military more power

Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan, denied signing two contentious laws that expand the military’s authority.

He said that although he returned the bills unsigned, his staff “undermined my will” in a post on X (previously known as Twitter) on Sunday.

The two laws make it illegal to disclose the names of military intelligence officers and call for jail time for those who disparage the military.

The validity of the two statutes may be questioned in light of Mr. Alvi’s assertion.

However, according to Pakistan’s temporary law minister Ahmed Irfan Aslam, the president could either assent to the laws or submit them to parliament with “specific observations” in accordance with the constitution.

Instead, he claimed that Dr. Alvi “purposely delayed the assent” and returned the bills without either assent or observations.

Mr. Aslam continued by saying that the signed laws immediately became law because the president had not yet delivered them even after ten days.

They were “deemed to have been assented to by the president,” according to a gazette from the Senate Secretariat.

According to the PTI, Mr. Qureshi was held after he spoke out against the election’s postponement during a press conference. Authorities charge him of disclosing a classified diplomatic cable’s contents in order to advance his political goals.

Human rights organizations have noted an increase in the number of enforced disappearances each month, and the Pakistani intelligence agencies are frequently accused of holding opposition members, politicians, activists, and journalists without legal justification.

Along with declaring its “complete support” for the president, the PTI also stated that it would appeal the contested measures to the Supreme Court.

The PTI, led by former prime minister Imran Khan, was founded by Mr. Alvi. Following Mr. Khan’s imprisonment in May, there were tense demonstrations that even hit military cantonments. Since that time, the party has consistently.

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