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Becoming a German Citizen Will Be Easier with New Citizenship Rules

To make obtaining German citizenship easier, the German government has passed new legislation.

International sources claim that a proposed citizenship law by the German parliament would cut the minimum residency period needed to become a German citizen from 8 years to 5 years. Additionally, immigrants who hold dual citizenship are now eligible for German citizenship under the new law.

The law’s proposal was presented to the German Parliament by Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer. The proposed legislation states that after three years, those who have shown improved integration and German language ability may be eligible for citizenship.

The bill does specify that anyone with convictions for crimes against national integrity or racism would not be permitted, though. The Interior Minister acknowledged the intense global competition in this context and noted that the goal of these changes is to draw top talent from around the world.

Additionally, this new legislation aims to loosen restrictions on dual citizenship, which were formerly applicable only to people who were citizens of the European Union and Switzerland, with a few exceptions made for certain nations.

Aiming to make Germany an appealing location for skilled professionals, initiatives to improve citizenship and visa restrictions have been motivated by Germany’s need for skilled immigrants.

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