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21 Years old Lexie Alford, Youngest Person to Visit Every Country

With her visit to North Korea on May 31, 2019, American woman Lexie Alford, 21, claimed to be the youngest person to have visited every nation on Earth. The goal of this project was to beat James Asquith’s current Guinness World Record, which he obtained in 2013 at the age of 24. Alford was raised in a family that was heavily connected in the travel industry, and that exposure gave her the desire to see all 196 independent countries. Her love of travel was greatly impacted by her parents’ habit of bringing her along on lengthy vacations and introducing her to various cultures.

From Argentina’s Ushuaia to Egypt’s Great Pyramids, from Cambodia’s floating villages to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Alford’s upbringing included significant travel experiences that shaped her viewpoint. Her travels was shaped by her desire for happiness across cultures and her curiosity about various lifestyles. Initially motivated by her own curiosity and a desire to broaden her experiences, Alford later saw that her trips were motivating others—particularly young women—to push their boundaries and bravely explore the world. Alford intended to show the universal love and beauty that exist in order to refute the idea that the world is only depicted as frightening by the media.

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